Plumbing Services in Clearlake CA

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Sewer Lateral Repair & Replacement

Many homeowners do not realize that they own the water service all the way to its connection to the water main and the sewer lateral that connects their property to the city's sewer system. If the sewer lateral fails, it is the property owner’s responsibility to repair or replace it. Call on the professionals today! We specialize in sewer lateral repair and replacement services throughout Clearlake, CA and the surrounding areas.

Water Main Repair & Replacement

Elliott Plumbing also specializes in water main repair or replacement services. If your water main starts to leak, call us today! We provide exceptional workmanship and customer service and offer a warranty for all our labor. You can trust our experts to get the job done right!


Galvanized pipes can break down inside over time, filling up with mineral deposits and corroding. This will result in rust-colored water and poor water pressure. Elliott Plumbing offers a wide variety of re-piping services to replace the old pipes with new PEX or copper pipes, which will bring back clean, healthy water to your home.

Hot Water Heater RepairHot Water Heater

We provide every aspect of water heater installation, service, and repairs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will determine which product will work best for you and your budget. We always offer personal and professional service. We provide our customers with high quality, professional and thorough services, so give us a call today!

Drain Cleaning & Rooter Service

Are your drains clogged and draining slower than usual? Elliott Plumbing also offers drain cleaning and rooter services. Our experts will diagnose your drainage problem and create a solution to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. From unclogging sinks and showers, to drain repair, our experienced team can help!

Sewer Camera Inspection

Elliott Plumbing uses specially made High-Tech Sewer Cameras that will provide recorded visual and audio inspection of underground sewer and drainage lines. This will help us to resolve your sewer line problem quickly and efficiently, taking away the guesswork. Call today for more information!

Sewer Line JettingSewer Line Jetting

Our professionally trained team also provides high-pressure water jetting services. We use only the best, state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently and safely clean your sewer and drain pipes. Water jetting can remove even the toughest blockages and thoroughly cleans the pipes.


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Our service areas include: Lake County including Clearlake CA